ESP vipera,teleszkópos bot kiegészitők BL-01 lámpa(CSAK A LÁMPA! (akciós)


Availability: Készleten

8 990 Ft

Availability: Készleten

Cikkszám: 6125-1

 It is possible to equip the expandable baton with additional flashlight BL-01. Locking of end position

(ON -OFF). The flashlight can be used also independently as pocket light. High luminosity is ensured
by 3 LED diodes. Duration of shining up to 250 hours. Waterproof duralumin body. Service life
of LED diodes is 100 000 hours. Power supply from 6 pcs of lithium batteries – type CR 2032.
Length with the cap 79 mm. When fitted to the baton it extends the baton’s length by 40 mm and increases
its weight by 92 g.


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